Brand identity and website overhaul for London based advertising agency, Beattie McGuinness Bungay.

In 2018 I worked as lead designer and art director on a rebrand of BMB (Beattie McGuinness Bungay) - to BMB London. The art direction was centred around the idea of the agency being a window into culture - through the work, social commentary and events. With a window, colour comes from the outside world - so with this in mind we developed a purely black and white visual identity, with colour coming through our content. We wanted the new logo to be simple, flexible and responsive, so we created a 7x4 grid system that allowed the logo to grow, adapt and morph to fill the frame.

As part of the rebrand, a new website was also required. This involved a complete rethink of the UX as well a visual refresh. I helped with the wireframe process and led a small team creating each page across a range of different responsive breakpoints. I also oversaw the build, working with our creative technologist and development partners to bring the website to life through slick animation and interactions. The new branding and website was unfortunately never launched, with a management team overhaul meaning a different approach was required.

Creative Credits
Trevor Beattie — Chairman
Jules Chalkley — Chief Creative Officer
Louise Sloper — Head of Art
Ben Lunt — Executive Digital Director
Jamie Inman — Executive Strategy Director
Sam Kallen — Senior Designer
JC Bihanic  — Creative Technologist
Dominic Hands  — Junior Designer
Connor Dickson  — Junior Designer

Project Details
Year —  2018
Client — Internal
Agency — BMB London