Visual identity for Rubicon's latest brand platform, including a responsive microsite template to hold social content.

After helping to win a pitch for Rubicon Exotic at BMB London, I designed a visual identity for the new brand platform, Believe in Beach. The art direction was weird and wonderful - with bold colours, flamingoes and talking palm trees helping to bring everything to life. I selected the typeface Ridley Grotesk to carry our messaging, and introduced a new vibrant colour palette and system for using images, illustration and motion graphics in a fun, playful way.

As part of this brand world, I designed a new tumblr website template to house all of the brand's social content and information, with customised UI such as call-action-buttons and social icons. The page was designed to feel fun and random, so an uneven responsive grid layout was chosen - as well as features such as never-ending flamingo legs that carry you down the page. The website was live until 2018, when a new agency launched their own brand platform.

Creative Credits
Ben Lunt — Executive Digital Director
Louise Sloper — Head of Art
Sam Kallen — Senior Designer
JC Bihanic — Creative Technologist

Project Details
Year —  2017
Client — Rubicon Exotic
Agency — BMB London