Visual identity for McDonald's Global recruitment campaign, centred around the idea that the skills you learn at McDonald's can give you the building blocks you need to be successful in your future career.

McDonald’s tasked Leo Burnett London with the task of creating guidelines and master artwork for a global recruitment campaign, to be adopted by agencies all around the world. Our concept centred around that idea that the skills you learn at McDonald’s can give you the building blocks you need to succeed in your future career. With this in mind we developed a simple, easy-to-adapt visual identity - with adaptive headlines contained within lego-style blocks, combined with an animated image system in which illustrations depicting different careers can be made from just 6 simple shapes. We used bold McDonald’s colours to make the campaign instantly recognisable in any country in the world. The campaign ran globally across Digital and Print OOH sites all over the world on famous sites such as Piccadilly Circus, Times Square and the Melbourne Lights.

Creative Credits
James Millers — Creative Director
Andrew Long — Creative Director
Head of Design — Phil Bosher
Sam Kallen — Senior Designer, Motion

Project Details
Year —  2019
Client — McDonald's Global
Agency — Leo Burnett London