New brand identity for ASDA including a new logo treatment, colour system, tone of voice, graphic devices and typeface - all laddering up to a more personal brand that puts people, value and quality above all else, with That's more like it baked into every corner of how ASDA looks, feels and behaves.

As part of the new identity, we teamed up with Colophon Foundry to create a new typeface that helped to portray ASDA's unique personality. For headlines, we wanted to create a display face that's both bold and conversational, through pairing a distinctive unicase setting with flourish and flairs inspired by traditional painted signage created by human hands. This helped us to achieve standout and consistency from headlines to price points at shelf edge.

Colour was an important aspect of the brand - with lots of legacy greens being used over the years creating inconsistency. We introduced a new accessible colour combination of a tweaked ASDA primary green with a new darker blue-leaning green, that allowed us to operate in both a value and quality space and create distinctive comms in the sector. From stickers, to price-points, to more functional icons, all of ASDA's system components were created with distinct expressions and playful tone baked in. From billboards, to shelf edge, to bags for life - the new brand system was rolled out through the entire customer experience.

Creative Credits
Lorenzo Fruzza — Chief Design Officer
Nathalie Gordon — Creative Partner
Sam Kallen — Senior Designer
Luke Remon — Senior Designer
Kerry Roper — Senior Designer
Colophon  — Type Foundry

Project Details
Year —  2024
Client — ASDA
Agency — Havas London